Growing up in a strict military family is difficult, especially when your family wears a mask, feigning perfection. Finally finding a church that accepted them for who they were, a family was able to leave their mask behind. Meet Hannah, Caleb and Nathan; three siblings who watched their parents find freedom from falsehood and create a path for their children worth following.


“I really want to be baptized, I want to hand my life over to Jesus; this is it. This is where we need to be.” At 14 years old, Ansley knows heartbreak all too well.  Her family was in turmoil and questioning many things, but coming to Real Life brought them new beginnings and the answers they so craved. Watch Ansley talk about the issues her family faced and how she brought her mom and brother into this life changing experience.


Life can be hectic. Marriage, family and work are the perfect mix for stress; especially, when you don’t have a strong spiritual guidance. Kyle and Kaley both attended church when they were younger, but found themselves needing God at a very important time in their lives. Real Life has given them the connections and growth they have needed to develop their relationship with Christ.



Small groups are a vital part of Real Life Church. They are used for outreach within the church and help to bring people together. When God began putting a change on Lisa’s heart, it seemed very drastic, but she knew she needed to follow Him. Lisa had learned so much from small groups and was prepared when she told God, “Whatever you have for me, Lord, is what I am going to do.”


Have you ever felt as if something was missing in your life? If so, you can probably relate to Ryan. He was missing out on a relationship with God, one that he had not even realized he was lacking. Join Ryan and Lis as they talk about the day God came into Ryan’s life and sparked a change for him.


1 Peter 4:8 – “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” Sarah was in a difficult place in her life; thinking of divorce and wondering “what if.” Watch her discuss how her marriage was restored when God helped her to know love in more than just her marriage. 



“Declaring your life to Christ and being baptized is the first step to peace.” As an adult Melissa looked at church as another thing on her to do list. Eventually, she began feeling like a failure in all aspects of her life and did not know where to turn. Lisa explains how she found her answer in church and how being baptized changed her entire outlook on life.


Church hurt is real, and it can have a devastating and long lasting effect. Dale talks about his church hurt and how he and his family never thought they would find another church. Watch how they found their home at Real Life and had their faith in church restored like never before.